Hi Everyone!

My name is Agatha, also known as Diplocat but we’ll get to more of that later, I’m a domestic longhair (probably with some Maine Coon mixed in).  I live in South Arlington although I originally come from DC.

I had a more regal life previous to my current residence.  I once belonged to an ambassador and his family and got to live in a real house.  There I held the title of official mouser….I really like hunting things.  Prior to that I was at the Washington Humane Society but I don’t remember much of my life prior to that.  When the ambassador and his family moved back to their home country they didn’t take me with them, I was really upset.  During the time between the old and new ambassador arriving the housekeeping staff tried to get me to run away multiple times.  I ended up a the shelter and had to be picked up a few times by the embassy staff.  

When the new ambassador and his wife arrived they made it very clear they not only hated me but all cats :(.  I was taken to live at the embassy for a short while since i could not stay in the house.  I did enjoy my time at the embassy doing cat things but this wasn’t going to be a permanent home for me.  Luckily a staffer at the embassy knew someone who wanted a cat and he came to meet me, I naturally gave him the cold shoulder because it wouldn’t be cat like to show any interest in him.  He left that day without taking me home but returned a few days later to get me and take me to his home.  

I wasted no time in exploring my new digs which were not nearly as awesome as a full house but I guess it was better than the shelter or the street.  I have managed to force my owner into buying me many cat toys, two cat condos, and only the finest food and treats.  I also have my own dedicated chair that if anyone else sits in I get upset.  You’ll hear more about me later.